For most folks, life is pretty structured and not very random.

Every day seems to be controlled by work, deadlines, to-do lists, meetings, itineraries… even our time off is usually planned and structured.

How often do you walk out the front door and walk or ride down the road, turning left here and turning right there, not at all concerned about where you end up? Stop somewhere at random, look around and take a picture of something interesting.

Random internet surfing? I bet most of you go check your email, maybe visit a social site like facebook or maybe a favorite forum. You do searches to locate some product or info. How often do you randomly look around the web? Believe me, it usually isn’t exciting and can be harmful to your computer. I’ve spent hours viewing random websites without finding a site worth talking about. Occasionally, I hit a site with malicious software on it. My software and firewalls have protected me well so far! It is worth it,though! Once in while I come across a site that is worth visiting.

I collect quotes. I currently have over 15000 in my quotes database. You can view random Quotes, Sayings, and Proverbs or search the database by author or phrase.

Do you play the Texas Lottery? Try this Texas Lottery Number Generator.

Most important thing of all… have fun in your life. Do some things just because!

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