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I have always enjoyed quotes, sayings and proverbs. What makes them special is the economy of words in expressing that certain thought or feeling or belief. I sometimes search for quotes on a specific subject or by a certain author but I also like to read some at random. Have fun!

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'Safe Quotes.' -- The quotes in the database have come from many sources. I haven't had time to look at them all.

'Safe Quotes On.' -- Searches only those quotes I have looked at. This doesn't mean I agree with the quote (or even understand it!), but I do believe it would not generally be considered offensive.

'Safe Quotes Off.' -- Searches all the quotes in the database. If you find a quote you think shouldn't even be in the full database, use the 'send to a friend' link and send it to quotemaster@HatterHill.com and I'll consider removing it.

'Author' and 'Search Phrase.' -- Use only words or numbers. This won't search for multiple words, only single words or phrases ('friend' or 'Mark Twain' or 'love is like'). Special characters(<, >, &, ~, etc.) will usually return no quotes.

TIP: The word 'man' would return quotes with 'man', 'human' and 'many' in them.

Placing a space in front of man (' man') would return quotes with 'man' and 'many'.

Placing a space after man ('man ') would return quotes with 'man' and 'human'.

Placing a space before and after man (' man ') would return only quotes with the word 'man' in them.

'Reset' -- clears the form.
'Restore' -- restores the last author and search phrase.
'Get Quote' -- searches for quotes using the Author and Search Phrase. Up to 5 quotes will be displayed.

'Get Next Quotes' -- will return the remaing quotes (5 at a time) based on the last search. If you changed the Author or Search Phrase, this will erase it and restore the last search criteria before retrieving the quotes.

'Quote Search Help' -- brings up what you are reading.

Have fun! :-)


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